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- All Bees To The Sea

Terrorizer Magazine (8)
"A choppy, proggy, exploratory circle of excellency"
-Noel Gardener.

Rocksound Magazine (9)
If last full-length ‘Secrets And Lies’ upped the ante for the Welsh trio, there should be quite a buzz surrounding Taint as ‘All Bees To The Sea’ demonstrates they’re one of the best bands in the UK right now. Featuring four new tracks plus a live recording of their blinding Roadburn 08 set, ‘All Bees…’ is a feast of honey-thick riffery, head-nodding and gutsy grooves and sharp-yet-sweet tempo lurches. There’s meaty melody with the doom-edged ‘Black Rain’, while ‘Prey The Wind Don’t Change’ holds a sting in its tail with harsh axework and biting, bile-covered vocal. Killer!
- Ronnie Kerswell-O'Hara

theworriedwell taint article

- Secrets And Lies

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